Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So long, farewell ...

There's no turning back now ... the engine was picked up this afternoon. We had a fun time getting it into the back of the SUV that the guy who picked it up arrived in. Strangely enough I knew him - his daughter played on a travel soccer team that practiced at the same time as mine for a few years. He lives very close by so I guess I now have a knowleable resource close by to lean on if (I mean when :) ) I get in trouble (just kidding Greg!).

We had to man-handle the engine in as the hoist obviously couldn't fit into the back of the SUV. I was 'fortunate' enough to discover the remaining coolant in the engine block when we tilted it and it flooded out one of the open hoses and down my pants :(. Here's the engine tied down in the back of the SUV.

It's going to be rebuilt and then raced by Meathead Racing - here's their website: http://www.meatheadracing.com.

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