Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Freon out

I had been calling around a number of shops looking for someone to drain the R12 refrigerant from my A/C prior to removing the engine. Very few were even interested in touching it. My regular shop said they'd do it ... but for $50 over their regular A/C maintenance package - sheesh!

I called the Midas shop next door and they said they would do it for their regular fee, so at lunchtime I brought the car in and I got a bit of good news - they only charged me half ... I guess because they only did half the work. So another $45 'saved'. Guess where I'll be going when I need to recharge the A/C?

Now I need a couple of days good weather so I can drive off the remaining 1/4 tank of gas (the roof leaks so I can't drive on the rain at the moment).


  1. I had about 1/4 tank when I started. After I removed the tank, I then drained it into a gas can and used it in something else.

  2. Well that's probably what I'll end up doing ... weather did not cooperate today and forecast for tomorrow is bad too. Looks like I'll have gas for the lawnmower for a while.