Monday, April 6, 2009

More ICE components out

Well I never did figure out where that drain for the engine block was so I just went ahead and removed the radiator inlet and outlet hoses - that released a cup or so of fluid that was still in the hoses.

Then the radiator came out by removing the 2 bolts top left and right - another couple of cups of coolant were still sitting in the radiator and that came out as I tilted the radiator towards the lower hose connector as I pulled it put. I also removed the coolant overflow tank - which was seriously lacking in contents - well below the Min level ... well I guess I won't need to worry about that any more :).

Next up the hood came off - should have got a picture of that as my 10 (nearly 11) year old daughter helped with that, steadying one side of the hood while I unbolted the other.

Last up for the evening (more 'daddy' stuff to attend to) was removing the A/C compressor. That involved disconnecting the electric cable which I assume carries the signal for the compressor's clutch to engage. I tried to disconnect it at the compressor (the blue connector on the picture below) before I realized it needed to disconnect it at the connector by the driver side headlight (I labeled those connections to I can match them up when the compressor goes back in).

Then I disconnected the freon lines (Midas did their job - no freon in there - you can see them loose in the picture above) and 4 bolts later the compressor was out.

I need to remember to put some plastic wrap over the freon lines to stop dirt getting in them. Ditto the holes in the compressor that they connect to.


  1. Dirt is only one issue. Moisture inside the lines is your worst enemy for the A/C system. So yeah, make sure every opening is sealed as soon as you disconnect everything.

  2. In addition to bagging the ends of the lines, I put a couple of those dessicant packets you sometimes find in electronics packaging to absorb any moisture into each bag before taping it ... we'll see if that helps.