Sunday, April 19, 2009

EV Inspiration

After I finished work on the car yesterday I took our dog to the local dog park. As I entered the parkway by our house I noticed one of those 'board twirlers' - you know, the guys standing at street corners advertising some furniture sale, or apartment complex or, as in this case, new subdivision trying to sell $1.5M houses in our wonderful economy. Well normally I ignore them, but the light was red and for some reason, while stopped I look over at this one ... and my chin hit my chest ... the new subdivision behind ours was offering test rides in an Tesla Roadster for anyone who visited their model home.

It was too late yesterday (and I had the dog in the car) so this morning I popped over as soon as they opened and YES, they were doing it again today! Sitting out in front of the model house was a red roadster.

I signed up for the hourly raffle for one of 4 test rides and had a look around the house - very nice it was too - but out of my price range thank-you (a bit like the Tesla too I guess). I also chatted to the Tesla sales rep for a while and to the Camberly Homes sales folks and let them know what I was doing with the Miata - that drew a bit of interest. Lucky too, because although my name was not one of the 4 out of the hat, I got a test ride anyway!

And what a blast - even though I was only a passenger, I can now appreciate what an EV Grin feels like. The acceleration of the Tesla is phenomenal - I was literally pressed back into my seat as the driver showed off it's paces.

So a big thank-you to the folks at Camberly Homes' 'Reserve at Stone Hill' development - you definitely made my day today!

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  1. I'm so jealous! Now you're jaded though, everything will seem slow compared to that car :)

    Congrats on all the progress, it's coming along nicely!